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re-engineer a quiz, create a spectacle

ISHRAE (The Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air-Conditioning Engineers) conducts advocacy programs to encourage engineering students to join the sector. It has been quite a challenge – aircon is at the bottom of the list of career choices for a graduating engineer. One of the advocacy programs they created was a local quiz. And that’s where we came in – our mandate was to put a spin on the local quiz event and raise the experience by several notches.

We started by creating a new brand identity and developed a new program structure adding in interactive social elements, a vibrant set design and popular entertainers as the quiz masters. Our 3-year mandate to evolve aQuest into a national event for the engineering student fraternity, and promote the HVAC&R sector as an exciting career option was quite the success. We could go on, but you should just watch the videos here, here and here, and see the results for yourself.