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Centre For Capoeira India

teaching India to move, play and get #happyfit

The Centre For Capoeira India teaches the Brazilian martial art form of capoeira at schools and private centres across three cities in India. While Capoeira is an exciting, and immediately compelling art form, awareness of capoeira in India is low.

We worked with The Centre For Capoeira India on an umbrella brand strategy with social, digital and live engagement. We revamped their marketing collateral and developed narratives and outreach programs targeted at each of their demographically, economically and motivationally diverse audience groups. We also developed an internship program that allows them to identify and train more teachers so they can increase the number of centres and schools they provide capoeira training. Their mission (and ours) is to have capoeira included in school curriculums across the country.

If you’d like to see what capoeira is all about here’s a cool video.