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India takes a seat at the international capoeira circle

Our brief in 2014 was to knock the socks off 200 capoeiristas at the launch edition of CapoeirAsia the only event of its kind in Asia. Most of the foreign capoeiristas had participated in similar events across the world, and more than a little jaded, and just a little concerned. Most of them were travelling to India for the first time and didn’t know what to expect.

In addition to marketing strategy and support, ground ops and staging, we coordinated rooming, schedules, party venues and catering over a week-long schedule in Goa. Our team designed an experience that had the global capoeira community acknowledging CapoeirAsia as the best organised event ever; leading to a bigger challenge for 2016 – make CapoeirAsia twice as awesome.

We could wax eloquent about what we pulled off, but we’d rather just show you. If you want to keep track of what CapoeirAsia will deliver in 2018, follow for updates here.