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a small school with a big mission

Tridha, a Rudolf Steiner school in Mumbai, were looking to increase their annual intake of students. Unlike ‘traditional’ schools Steiner philosophy emphasises the role of imagination in learning and strives to holistically integrate the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of students.

We worked with Tridha on two stories – the enrollment brochure and the annual school Mela. The brochure was designed to showcase the progression of a student from when they step into the home like environment of pre-school classes through to when they graduate from Grade 12, as well as introduce the curriculum and the heart-head-hands teaching methodologies of the school.

For the school Mela, we developed the brand identity, concept art and creative assets, and launched an annual newsletter with stories from faculty, parents and students about the many traditions of the Tridha Mela, what the Mela meant to them and why it stood out and apart. We carried this over to social media to bring in a larger audience for the Mela and the Steiner philosophy.